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NSP Protech Hybrid 5’6 Glacier Grey , ,

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Dimensions: 5’6″ 19 2¹/⁴ 25.3 L FCS

High performance meets paddling power in the most versatile and user-friendly intermediate shortboard on the market. The Protech Hybrid is light, durable and offers premium performance and looks:

– The popular Hybrid is designed with the tail of a shortboard for performance and the wider nose of a Fish to maximize paddling power and stability.

– Performance rails, bottom rocker and foil to make it fast, stable and manoeuvrable on the wave.

– The flatter rocker and added width catches waves easily and generates speed combined with a pulled in round tail for bite and hold through rail turns and in steeper waves.

–  Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers seeking one of the most versatile and user-friendly short boards on the market, suits any wave situation from beach breaks to point breaks.

–  The tri-fin thruster setup guarantees speed and liveliness, with enough hold to ride out your line.