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Surf Cams

Scroll Down for the Surf Cams. The images refresh every minute, so hit the refresh button on your web browser to get an updated image. Brought to you with help from the lovely people at PrimoWireless.

Primo Wireless

2nd Hand Surfboards in the Vertigo Collection


Oakura Beach

Brought to you with help from Eco Odyssey.

Camera Image

Fitzroy Beach Taranaki

Fitzroy Beach. West. (N.P. Surf Riders Club)
East End Surf Lifesaving Club
Fitzroy Beach. East. (N.P. Surf Riders Club)

New Plymouth Town

New Plymouth (South West view)
New Plymouth. (North East view)

The Taranaki Coast near Stent Rd

Bailey Road Taranaki looking South West
Bailey Road looking North West

Mt Taranaki North

From the North West looking South East

Mt Taranaki South East

From the South East looking North West

Mt Taranaki West

From the West (near Stent Road) looking East

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