Surf Forecast for Taranaki

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Surf Cams in Taranaki

Images refresh every minute, so hit the refresh to get an updated image. We now have a surf forecast on this page thanks to Wind Guru. Brought to you with help from the lovely people at Primo.


DESKTOP LIVE CAM – Oakura Beach Surf Club looking south towards Ahus. Hit play above to start the feed.

Firewire Timbertek Twice Baked LENGTH WIDTH THICKNESS VOLUME 5’1″ 20 3/4″ 2 1/4″ 28.3L 5’3″ 21 1/4″ 2 3/8″ 31.6L 5’5″ 21 3/4″ 2 1/2″ 35.2L 5’7″ 22 1/8″ 2 5/8″ 38.6L 5’9″ 22 3/8″ 2 3/4″ 42.0L 5’11” 22 5/8″ 2 7/8″ 45.7L 6’1″ 22 3/4″ 3″ 49.3L 6’3″ 23″ 3″ 51.3L As far as dimensions go, if you ride a Baked Potato you’re likely to ride the same size Twice Baked. There are…


An extension of the classic Fish design, the Bigboy Fish mixes the hidden volume and maneuverability of the BigBoy model with the flowy feel of a Fish.


T.Patterson Surfboards Synthetic 84 5’7″ 5’7″ x19.25 x 2.25  27lt Synthetic 84   The Synthetic 84 is a tribute to the good old days, when Timmy started his first surfboard label Synthetic surfboards and was working with the legendary Damian Brawner in the 1980’s. Timmy has taken all the positive aspects of boards he built then and has incorporated them into the modern shapes of today. This combo is nothing but pure magic and has…

JS INDUSTRIES PE FORGET ME NOT 2 ROUND TAIL 6’0″b 6’0b x  18 7/8 x  27/16 928.6L) FORGET ME NOT II The Forget Me Not II is the pinnacle of high performance equipment in decent to absolutely firing surf. We’ve developed this board from the original FMN to now be better than ever in pumping waves, but with more user-friendly design features overall. This allows you to get into waves earlier & easier, while maintaining…

Hybrid Dimensions: 5’6″ 19 2¹/⁴ 25.3 L FCS High performance meets paddling power in the most versatile and user-friendly intermediate shortboard on the market. The Protech Hybrid is light, durable and offers premium performance and looks: – The popular Hybrid is designed with the tail of a shortboard for performance and the wider nose of a Fish to maximize paddling power and stability. – Performance rails, bottom rocker and foil to make it fast, stable and manoeuvrable…

MOBILE LIVE CAM – Oakura Beach Surf Club looking south towards Ahus. Hit play above to start the feed.

Belt Road and Town

East End Surf Lifesaving Club

Fitzroy Beach

East End Surf Lifesaving Club

Fitzroy Beach

East End Surf Lifesaving Club

Fitzroy Beach Taranaki

Fitzroy Beach. West. (N.P. Surf Riders Club)
Fitzroy Beach. East. (N.P. Surf Riders Club)

2nd Hand Surfboards in the Vertigo Collection

JS Xero 6’8″ fcsII  HIFI 2 6’8″x 21 3/4″ x 2 15/16″  45.5lt this one is pretty much new


Like new not a scratch 6’10” x 22″x 3 1/4″ x 54.5l  futures boxers  

Great looking board. Tidy as  deck dents , all round good condition. 6’0″ x 19″  x 2 7/16″  29.37l

Grom Epoxy board in great condition Normal deck dents 5’6″ x17 5/8″ x 2 1/8″  20 .89lt  fcsII

DEL SURFBOARDS BY JASON PRIMROSE 6’1″ 6’1″ x 18 7/8″ x 2 3/8″ squash tail hand shape with glass on fins. Good condition with a few minor pressures.

New Plymouth Town

New Plymouth (South West view)

Our line of L-Flex fins, designed by Greg Liddle, were originally intended to be paired with the ‘modified displacement hull’ surfboards he became famous for pioneering. Precision foils and a fine tuned amount of flex were, and still are an integral component of the functionality in these fin designs.

The R6 Legacy Series is a medium sized thruster in the Rake template category. The increased rake provides hold through turns, and the Honeycomb construction gives a balanced feel for all-around performance. Template Category | Rake (drawn-out, control, drive) Construction | Honeycomb Ride Number | Balanced – 5.4 Size | Medium (145 – 175 lbs) Side Fins Center Fin Area 15.10 15.10 Height 4.56 4.56 Base 4.56 4.56 Foil FLAT 50/50

The Greedy Beaver has a real shortboard feel with a compressed longboard outline, a true crossover board with midlength retro glide and shortboard maneuverability. Put it on rail while engaging the single to double concave, step on the rounded pin and it surfs like a shortboard in the pocket. Or take advantage of the single to double concave and large planing surface to trim effortlessly over dead sections. The beveled rail reduces the overall thickness,…



Product Information on  FCS II AM SHAPER SERIES PC LARGE TRI OVERVIEW: Al Merrick’s large size signature fin. GEOMETRY: Merrick’s template has a high degree of sweep with a narrow elongated tip. Flat foil side fins, smaller centre fin (medium size). FIN MATERIAL: Performance Core PERFORMANCE: Designed for radical, progressive surfing. Produces exceptional speed and drive, smaller centre fin offers quick release through turns. CONDITIONS: A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point…

The Taranaki Coast near Stent Rd

Bailey Road Taranaki looking South West
Bailey Road looking North West
Bailey Road looking North West

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