Surf Lessons & Surfboard Hire

Surf Lessons

Here at Vertigo we run surf lessons for all ages and abilities year round with 4 SNZ (Surfing New Zealand)/ ISA (International Surf Association) approved surf instructors on hand we will have you on your feet in the best conditions in a fun and safe environment.

The Vertigo team running surf lessons at Oakura beach


Private Lessons (1-2 people) $99.99 each (~ 90 minutes)

Group lessons (3-6 people) $79.99 each (~ 90 minutes)

You can book and pay online by scrolling down the page a little.
If you just want to book via email hit the button directly below.

Surfboard Hire

We have a wide range of boards available for hire from complete beginners soft top surfboards, advanced performance boards, body boards, Standup Paddle Boards and everything else in between!



Surfboard Rental:$50 (10 am – 5 pm), $70 (24h), $250 (week)

Premium Surfboard Rental: $70 (10 am – 5 pm), $100 (24h), $300 (week)

Bodyboard Rental: $30 (10 am – 5 pm), $30 (24h), $100 (week)

Paddleboard Rental: $70 (10 am – 5 pm), $100 (24h), $300 (week)

Disclaimer: Surfing can be dangerous and may cause injury. Surf at spots that match your ability and be mindful of those around you. Don’t rely on rented equipment as a substitute for swimming ability.

Buy Surfing Lessons Online

Surfing Lesson 1 person

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NZD $115.00

Surfing Lesson 2 people

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NZD $199.95

Surfing Lesson 3 people

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NZD $239.95

Surfing Lesson 4 people

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NZD $319.95

Surfing lesson for three or more people

Surfing Lesson 5 people

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NZD $399.95

 Vertigo’s SNZ / ISA Qualified Surf Instructors

Jono Heath Surf Instructor

Jono Heath

Jono is the owner of Vertigo Surf and a life long waterman. He recently moved his shop down to the beach, making rentals and surf lessons way more practical. Jono will hook you up with the right board to have a good session in almost any conditions.

Neil Pullen - Surf instructor

Neal Pullen

Neal is Vertigo’s life-long shop grom and knows how to make the most of even the most average looking surf. Another surfer with decades of experience, he will get you into some waves, on your feet and riding.

Rose Law surfing instructor

Rose Law

Rose has been surfing for 20 years and instructing other people how to surf for at least that long. She will keep you right in the water and have you on your feet in no time.