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Showing all 7 results

SMIK Smik SUB Paddle100% carbon tapered shaft, dihedral blade  

Great condition. Small repair.
Second hand.

smik v3 5m wing
Available for backorder

Light | Balanced | Powerful | Efficient | Effortless
Ultra lightweight matching performance stiffness and tensions of the big ticket brands whilst actually surpassing handling and performance.
This is the 5 meter version of this wing.

SMIK Smik Hipster twin Longboard (Modified Nose) 10’0″ x 32” @ 153L SMIK Hipster Twin Longboard The Hipster Longboard is by design a very different board to the Style Lord. Evolving from the much loved Hipster Twin, the bottom contours and outline were stretched into the longboard variant. The single concave runs from the nose all the way through the board which feeds into a double concave towards to the tail with a slight Vee…

Smik Style Lord 10ft 10’x 30 PERFORMANCE LONGBOARD The Style Lord is a performance longboard shape designed for smooth carves, a timeless soul arch, or a little walk up the nose. It’s also very agile when stepping back onto the tail, for a board that size. ​ All boards feature a squash tail with the exception of the 10’0 x 29″ that has a pin tail that’s a little bit more reactive for the more…


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NZD $1,745NZD $1,950

V4 SMIK wings are further refining what were already the highest tension, ultra-responsive  wing on the market, but with tension combined with leech release, its wind range and control has been enhanced even further. Enhanced efficiency and shape retention with new materials Following on from the extremely well received V3, we’ve managed to further surpass handling, control and speed with a combination of materials which helps the SMIK wing maintain its performance traits further into…

Frame .Matt black Plolarized grey DESCRIPTION Description The Smith Guide’s Choice is our most popular on-the-water sunglasses, no matter how and where you like to fish. This XL version has all the same features as the fan-favorite, but with an extra-large fit. The aggressive 8-base frames offer unmatched sun protection. They come in two options of color-boosting ChromaPop™ lenses, each with glare-cutting polarization. To prevent these shades from slipping off your face, we included…

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