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JS boards are the brainchild of Jason Stevenson, the founder, owner and shaper of JS Industries. Based in Queensland Australia, JS Industries have made a name for themselves internationally attracting big fish in the surfing world, such as Mark Occhilupo and Joel Parkinson. Parko won the Pipe Masters in Hawaii as well as a numerous of other events on the tour.

They make surfboards for all conditions as well as all different types of rider. JS boards are now available online from Vertigo Surf and Free Shipping throughout New Zealand. Buy with confidence from Vertigo Surf.

JS Surfboards Range

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results

5’8″x 18 3/4″ x2 5/16″ x 26.3l FCSII PU Aussie made Barley surfed ( wrong size)  has a dent in the bottom and light deck dents, latest model

5’7″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 1/4″  25.6l Hifi epoxy FCSII boxers in good condition . Very light deck denting , heaps of life left. A graet size for a grom

JS HYFI MONSTA 8 6'0" Futures

JS HYFI MONSTA 8 5’10” FCSII 5’10” x 18 5/8″ x 2 5/16″ 25.9 litres The Monsta 8 is one of the most versatile surfboards on the planet. From waist high to double overhead plus, everyday surfers to World Title contenders, average surfs at home to annual trips chasing waves. No matter what, it won’t let you down. In competition, it’s the go-to for the Traktor Team in QS contests in small, weak beachies to…


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NZD $1,195NZD $1,345.01

JS INDUSTRIES PE BIG BARON TWIN   JS INDUSTRIES BIG BARON PE An instant classic, the Big Baron is inspired by the mid lengths that generations before us rode on the infamous Gold Coast points. This is paired with a more modern bottom contour and twin fin placement, then complemented by a neatly pulled in round tail for extra hold. Because on this board, you’ll be burning speed and burying rail. A lot of it.An…

EL BARON. El Barón’s development takes the Big Baron’s momentum and fine tuning a few overwhelmingly popular requests to create a new performance mid length. The head honcho of the Baron family – the El Barón features a stretched out Big Baron outline that’s ridden narrower, with slightly more rocker and modern concaves to handle more speed and versatility. It’s a subtle single to double, featuring a “reverse concave” – one of Jason’s favourite designs.…

JS INDUSTRIES PE FORGET ME NOT 2 ROUND TAIL 6’0″b 6’0b x  18 7/8 x  27/16 928.6L) FORGET ME NOT II The Forget Me Not II is the pinnacle of high performance equipment in decent to absolutely firing surf. We’ve developed this board from the original FMN to now be better than ever in pumping waves, but with more user-friendly design features overall. This allows you to get into waves earlier & easier, while maintaining…

JS INDUSTRIES PE XERO OUR NEW GOLD STANDARD ALL-ROUNDER. We experiment with designs constantly, but JS only commits to a new board model when there’s an obvious quantum leap in performance. That’s the Xero. Our new gold standard of all-rounders, the Xero came together by fusing elements of the most popular current models together, just like the Monsta Box. JS focussed on the strengths of our three clear global favourites over the past decade, and…

JS INDUSTRIES PE XERO 6’4″- EASY RIDER 6’4 x 21 1/2 x 3 1/8 (45.4L) Easy rider dimensions created with the goal of making our most popular models even more approachable. After a year of JS riding more different boards than ever before alongside Occy and Parko, with an R&D process riddled with injuries, lower fitness levels & work obligations, JS designed our EasyRider specs for easy paddling coupled with high performance surfing. Foam is hidden in…

JS INDUSTRIES A HIGH-VOLUME PERFORMANCE BOARD. The latest and greatest in our long line of world class all-rounders, the Schooner is a high-volume performance board. Why did Mikey want to call it the Schooner? The wide point has been pushed forward, so more of the foam is at the top… Like a beer. Mikey loves beer and so do we, but the science doesn’t stop there. Like any good beverage you don’t want it too flat either – this is…

JS Monsta 2020 5’9″ fcsII carbon fusion Super tidy  A dent or two No Dings 5’9″ x19 1/4″x2 7/16″ 28.4l  

JS MONSTA 2020 YOUTH PU CARBON FUSION  5′ 5″18 3/8″2 1/8″22.2L FUN FOCUSSED, FUTURE FOCUSSED 20 years of JS Industries. 10 years since our flagship shortboard, the original Monsta, was first developed. Our new Monsta will be ridden everywhere from your most rewarding sessions at home & regular trips chasing waves, to Dream Tour events and the Olympic Games. Its latest version is the most complete all-rounder we’ve ever made, improved and fine-tuned by elite…

JS Xero 6’8″ fcsII  HIFI 2 6’8″x 21 3/4″ x 2 15/16″  45.5lt this one is pretty much new

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