Flying Diamonds

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Showing all 10 results

This fin is a classic. Drawing on the simple and proven designs of our forefathers, we added subtle elements to this design to optimize it for speed and added power through turns.

FLYING DIAMONDS CJ Parallax The smaller surface area allows this fin to move through the water quickly with less side to side resistance. With its slender profile and speed foil, it’s one of the fastest and loosest fins in the world today. It also smooths out and allows flow in windy or choppy conditions. CJ rides the Parallax fin in his Parallax and Outlier models, as well as gliders, and any board he’s trying to…

FLYING DIAMONDS Sallas Hi Pro Kai’s HiPro center fin is built for powerful, driving, radical surfing when mounted in a HiPro longboard or mid-length and when matched up with a set of Kai’s HP side fins.  Speed and power and flow are what these fins are all about.    

FLYING DIAMONDS Sallas HP Sides These side fins are super-fast and full of drive.  Their balanced foil generates lots of lift for accelerating speed in turns without creating excess drag when going down the line.  They match up perfectly with Kai’s HP center fin as well as any proper HiPro center fin in the market.  Go with smaller sides when paired with longer centers and smaller conditions/surfers. Run with bigger sides when going with smaller…

FLYING DIAMONDS Sallas Spiral This is Kai’s go-to fin for modern-style logging.  The Spiral’s medium base and tapered tip deliver a super-balanced blend of drive and speed while staying loose.  This fin is designed for fast, sharp turns off the tail while delivering plenty of hold from the nose.  Solid in all single fin wave conditions, this fin is perfect for modern logging with speed down the line and flow in connecting turns.  

FLYING DIAMONDS Signature Center “This is my go-to fin for performance longboarding. Designed with speed, power, and flow in mind, the signature template gives you the perfect balance of performance off the tail and hold on the nose. From tip to tail and rail to rail this is a must-have for any performance longboard.” – TJ  

FLYING DIAMONDS Skindog Sub Center Ben has refined this classic design over the years to get it perfect for powerful turns, fast trimming, and stable noseriding.  It sports a wide base to allow for more drivey turns, with a nice outline curve and thin rake through the tip, creating great flex and feeling off the tail, with the perfect hold whilst on the nose.  The ideal fin for traditional longboarding, the SUB works great on…

FLYING DIAMONDS TJ Power Drive Description The go-to for single fin surfing. Inspired by the designs and surfing of guys like Nat Young and Bob Mctavish. The Power Drive has a wide base and big rake giving you effortless drive through turns and stability on the tip. Whether it’s long locked in nose rides or hard-driving turns in the pocket you want, this fin delivers.  

FLYING DIAMONDS TJ Pro Flex Center Description Just like the name suggests, this is a performance flex fin. With a medium flex pattern, wide base for drive, and a narrow tip for release, the pro flex gives you that performance feel you want and the hold you need. Ride it as a single fin for modern logging or pair it with a set of small edge sides for your 2+1.  

FLYING DIAMONDS TJ Quads The TJ Quads are an excellent match for any surfer who wants to add drive and speed to their surfing. Whether it’s on a longboard, shortboard, or mid-length, this quad set is designed to enhance the speed and flow of your equipment while still maintaining peak maneuverability in any condition. Get the performance you want and the speed you need. “I designed these quads alongside my TJProV model as I struggled…

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