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Boy doing a wallride on a smoothstar skateboard Smoothstar skateboards are arguably one of the world’s best surf training tools, helping to improve technique, body position and flow on a wave. The SmoothStar secret is in the design and specially engineered Thruster Device that goes into every product. The SmoothStar product replicates the surf feel because the front truck has a special turning device called the SmoothStar Thruster. The Thruster makes the front of the board loose so the board can turn and drive off the back trucks – the same as you would with surfboard rails and fins… the feel is “rail-to-rail” surfing on land. The turns are not sharp, floppy or stiff – they are “Smooth” but as radical as you want them to be hence the name “SmoothStar”. Smoothstar skateboards have the closest feel to surfing outside the water. At Vertigo Surf we have several smoothstar boards in store and a demo model available if you want to give it a blast!

Smoothstar Skateboards Range

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Showing all 3 results


The Barracuda surfing skateboard is designed especially for the young surfing groms. A super responsive, tight turning, take anywhere carving mini board. But dont let its size fool you. Its one serious surf training tool designed for the younger kids wanting to hit those waves early, especially when the waves are on holidays.

The 30” Flying Fish is the most popular model for surf groms aged 9 – 12 years. It is perfect for young surf groms who want to progress their surfing. Surfers of this age typically start to gain more confidence and gain strength in their body, so the Flying Fish is the perfect fit. It responds perfectly to body movement and mimics surf turns. Groms will have the opportunity to practice their bottom hand turns,…

The 31′′ Toledo #77 model is suited to teenage to adult surfers 5”4’ – 5”10’ (162cm – 177cm) in height. It is the signature model of 2022 World Champion Filipe Toledo. The 31” model is a smaller model of the 32.5” Toledo #77 model as it gives smaller riders the ability to ride Filipe’s model The 31” model has medium wheels on the front and back which are suited to lighter riders. Filipe loved the…

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