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The first set of keels I rode were on a Skip Frye fish around the time we were filming Seedling – they were hand foiled Larry Gephart fins that I think were referred to as ‘straight backs’. Basically, they looked like plywood that someone cut out and foiled; they were beautiful. And that’s what originally sparked my imagination as far as fishes and keels go. 

I got into experimenting with variety of fish shapes shortly after and that was when my approach towards keel fins really started.

My focus today is on having a blend of performance interwoven into the traditional feelings of a keel fin set. For example, I’ve moved away from super wide bases and towards more curve in the trailing edge. Overall, my goal with this new fin set today was to find something that gives you all the positive sensations of having a traditional keel, but toned down so it isn’t so trackey and drivey – I wanted something that would loosen up and liven up in the pocket when you want them to. 

What I love most about this new fin set is the way it holds a line and feels locked into speed sections, but it also pivots off of a track and livens up in the pocket when you want to. A lot of this comes from the way I designed the foil. 

I designed this new fin with the Too Fish in mind, but also with the intent to make something so versatile that it can work in any twin fin shape you like. To be honest I’ve been riding them in the Sunday a lot as well as the Midas, and also in some twin fin step ups I’ve been experimenting with recently. 

The lesson I’ve learned over the past year of developing these fins is that there are more uses for twin fin keels than we think – so get creative. Don’t be scared. 

Very happy with how these fins came out and I’m stoked to see them at Surf Shops everywhere.

Height : 132 mm

Base : 167,5 mm

AREA : 16’000 mm

Fin Type


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