Wetsuit Review: The Vissla New Seas 3/2 V-zip Steamer. An honest review by our 50+ year old eternal shop grommet. 29 February 2024 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Wetsuit Review: An honest review by our 50+ year old eternal shop grommet.

Every surf shop has one , a grommet you just can’t get rid of. . . Ours just happens to be a 50+ year old eternal one that surfs more than most and has a severe addiction to trying every new surfboard and wetsuit that comes out. Here’s his words on the new Vissla New Seas 3/2 V-zip Steamer.

Treat yourself and get your grubby lil hands on one instore or online

“I’ve now had about 10 surfs in this suit and can honestly say this is one of if not the best wetsuit I’ve ever had. The new feather foam Japanese limestone based neoprene feels significantly lighter , warmer and flexible compared to the existing Highseas top end model.

The new V-zip entry across the shoulders is rediculously easy to get in and out of compared to any other chest zip or zipperless wetsuits. The zip itself is so fine with really small teeth , it’s super flexible and it feels like wearing its counterpart zipperless suit but with absolutely no flush through of water when a wave hits you from the side or your being rag dolled under water.
It’s unbelievable how warm this suit is with its crazy flexibility , in the past I feel like I’ve sacrificed a bit of warmth for this much flex and comfort but not with this suit! “