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Thunderbolt TAYLOR JENSEN SPECIAL T Shaped by Dan Mann , ,

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Shaped by Dan Mann


Thunderbolt SPECIAL T

Product Information

Dan Man: “Taylor is good at performance longboarding, but he’s also an outstanding nose rider, so I wanted his signature model Thunderbolt TAYLOR JENSEN SPECIAL T of Firewire to be designed for more traditional longboarding. And I personally have always enjoyed the stylishness of an “old school” longboard. I especially like riding my dad’s original Phil Edwards board. ”

Dan goes on to say: “I developed this’Special T’by combining a lot of feedback from Taylor with my own experience. The rails have a soft 50/50 curve, a scoop nose concave and a special tail flip. We’ve also added a looser nose entry rocker to improve tipping performance on the nose, designed to give riders more comfort in glide and trim. ”

  • Dann Mann: “Despite his preference for high performance longboarding, Taylor is an accomplished noserider so he wanted his Firewire models to include a design more suited to traditional longboarding. I’ve personally always enjoyed the stylish nature of the ‘old school’ and in particular, riding an original Phil Edwards board that my dad has”. Dan continued, “After a ton of input from Taylor combined with my own experience, we developed The Special T. The rails have a soft 50/50 curve, along with a scoop nose concave and extra tail flip. We also relaxed the nose entry rocker to enhance tip riding, allowing riders maximum glide and trim with ease.





Fiberglass Lamination
Competition Weight & Flex

Red is an all-round construction that combines classic and high performance. For laminating, 6oz + 4oz fiberglass is used for the deck and 6oz + 2oz fiberglass is used for the bottom. It’s lighter than a traditional PU longboard, but it’s also reasonably heavy, giving it a riding feel that combines excellent performance with an old-school longboard taste. While feeling the ride like a longboard, it can handle from 1ft small waves to waves with overhead size. You can enjoy both classical riding and aggressive maneuvers, such as long nose riding, drop knee turns, and roller coasters while spraying. Since red is heavier than black, it is less affected by the choppy conditions where strong winds blow, making it an easy-to-control construction.

9’0″ 22 3/4″ 3″ 73.4L
9’6″ 23″ 3″ 78.1L




Board Size

9', 9'6"

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