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Firewire Tomo LFT SKX 6’0 FCS II , ,

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Dimensions: 6’0″ 19 5/8 2 9/16 31.5 L FCS II

The SKX is Stuart Kennedy’s go to all-round shortboard for the 2017 season.
Designed from a Sci-Fi foundation with a pulled in squash tail, the SKX is Stu’s board of choice for tricky contest conditions, such as variable beach breaks or choppy water where the Sci-Fi may red-line due to excess speed and lift from the wide tail block.

The SKX features a compact outline with an even volume distribution and rocker that hints slightly to the lower end of the gen- eral wave spectrum. Combined with the Trademark Tomo (QISC) ‘Quad-Inside-Sin- gle-Concave’, the SKX has instant ‘get up and go’ and incredible responsiveness that compliments a dynamic wave attack.

Volume suggestion: the SKX should be rid- den slightly higher volumed due to the loose and highly responsive ride characteristics. (e.g. + 0.5 to 1.0L)