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Torq 9’0″ Longboard CLASIC , ,

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The Classic style of the fun Torq Epoxy TET Longboard coming in sizes from 8’0 to 9’0 these longboards suit a variety of surfers and styles.
The 8’0 is more easily managed by intermediate surfers or in bigger waves, while the 9’0 suits more classic style; gliding and nose-riding. The 8’6 is a blend of both – manouverable but still able to nose ride.
A low entry rocker and full outline, these boards paddle and catch waves with ease and carry speed. The slight flip in the tail rocker and pulled in tail
template makes them surprisingly lively and responsive off the tail.
Dimensions9’0” x 22 3/4” x 3 1/8”
Recommended Rider Weight60-120 kg / 130-260 lbs
Volume72.0 ltr


blue +turquoise tail, seagreen stripes + pinlines, white + pinline