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SUNOVA HANGMAN 9’2″ Longboard , ,

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The Hangman is designed to surf off the tail like the Pro, yet it has the ability to hang on to impossible sections.


The Hangman comes with a Performance Thruster (92) or a Single Box Centre (96) set up, and a choice of Sunova Construction Options:


— All the width has been added to the front third of the board, which maintains outline curve through the middle for that “shortboard” feel.

— The bottom edge of the nose hardens to create good release as the nose hits the waterline while hanging.

— More flex built into the front third of the board helps it flatten during a nose ride.

— It can carry a nose ride onto much softer parts of the wave while still performing extremely well in small waves.

— The tail’s plan shape resembles the Pro, which is then combined with a wider nose.


Just when you think it’s all over and you have to step back or submarine, The Hangman kicks into gear and allows much longer hangtime.