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Firewire TT – Wingnut Noserider 9′ 4″ squash tail Futures , ,

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Dimensions: 9′ 4″ 23 1/2 3 3/8 80.1 L

The Wingnut Noserider embodies the best qualities of the original Wingnut Model and the Mark Martinson Model. The slightly pulled tail, in conjunction with softer rails, result in ultra-smooth turns and cutbacks to go along with improved control, stability, and nose riding. Single Fin with Tail Block Standard.


(TimberTek) – The combination of a lightweight EPS core, sustainably-grown Paulownia wood deck skins, FirewireÕs proprietary parabolic rail construction, and an Entropy bio-resin hot coat yield an extremely lightweight, durable surfboard with ALL of the high performance flex characteristics of FirewireÕs existing technologies.