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SIC RECON 9’9″ ,

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This fun-shape, surf-style board, receives amazing reviews every time someone takes it into the line-up. Whether paddling through the shore-break, standing outside waiting for your wave or dropping in, the Recon 9.9 does it with style and ease. It performs great down the line on smaller waves due to its full nose and turns great on mid to large size waves as a result of its squash tail. This is a perfect all-round surfboard for light-to-mid-weight shredders.

SIC - Construction details


Weight10 kg
Dimensions297 × 75 cm

1 review for SIC RECON 9’9″

  • I’ve ridden this board and it is one of the better Surf Sup’s i’ve ridden. Enuf volume to not have to struggle, but still small enuf to carve the wave to pieces!

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