Epic video of surfing the Wedge 31 October 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorised

The Wedge is located at the east end of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California. It has large wedge-shaped waves that occur during south or south/southwest swells. The Wedge can get massive, know to produce waves up to 25 ft high. The Wedge was formed as a by-product of alterations to Newport harbour.

There is something very enticing about watching videos of the Wedge. You know these guys are risking their necks in these waves and they somehow seem to make it look so easy and painless. I think the attraction is partly to see bodies flying, people getting massive air, barrels, close-outs and mainly wondering if they are going to make it. It’s kind of like a fail/win video from youtube.

Here is a look at the wedge when its fully pumping.

Here is a map of the Wedge if you want to go check it out.

There is also a little more info on wiki about the wedge.