74 BY PYZEL SURFBOARDS 12 November 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised


Not much can be said about this board because we know as much as the general public, but when our boy Dane Reynolds speaks we listen especially when he has put the 74 by master craftsman John Pyzel at poll position in the recent ‘Stab in the Dark’ by Stab Magazine.

Further more unless you have been sitting under a rock John John Florence is our new world champ so what better way to celebrate than taking a stab in the dark and jumping on board. . . .

At Vertigo we have the following pyzel 74 boards in stock

5’7×18.50×2.19 23.1L

5’8×18.63×2.19 23.6L

5’8×18.63×2.25 24.3L

5’9×18.75×2.25 24.8L

5’10×18.88×2.31 26L

5’11x19x2.31 26.6L

6’0x19.13×2.38  28L

6’1×19.38×2.44 29.5l

6’2×19.63×2.50 31.1L

6’3×19.88×2.63 33.7L

6’6×20.25×2.75 37.5L

We have a solid range Pyzel Surfboards in stock Vertigo Surf. Check out the Pyzel range here.